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Drop WW focuses on empowering people around the world to discover new, diverse products like keyboards and headphones every day. We are committed to developing and accelerating people`s lifestyle with technology and innovative expertise that enables us to deliver high quality electronic products with better customer service; we ensure our commitment to the ongoing process of improvement to meet customers `and stakeholders` expectations to the ultimate satisfaction. Our visualization here at Drop is to be an excellent electronics company, be a leader to initiating and establishing electronics accessories with unique featured products. We proudly contribute and enrich the Electronics & Sound industry of the country through active participation and completely customer focused team work.

Drop offers:

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Get the right Mechanical Keyboard:

While working we believe typing should be interesting and it could only be done by customizing your keyboards. It is our motto to make the best keyboards in the world Explore Mech Keys and elevate your typing experience with a keyboard that`s you and all you. People who spend all day typing on their computer may see significant benefits from a better keyboard. It`s all about being comfortable. Unlike other pieces of hardware in your business, it may be unwise to standardise on a single type of keyboard for everyone. People have individual ergonomic needs, so we cater for these by offering a range of models.

Drop also have artisan keycaps:

Whether hand-carved and painted or formed from resin to strict tolerance, artificial keycaps are a unique artistic expression. We recently saw the artificial key community explode as these mini-masterpieces become more accessible.